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Olivia Whiteside - Assistant Case Manager

Assistant Case Manager

Based in: Warwickshire
Clients: The Midlands and South East


  • BABICM Practitioner Membership
  • Headway Brain Injury Training


Olivia has experience in the following areas:

  • Spinal cord injuries (Paediatric)
  • Cerebral Palsy (Paediatric & Adult)
  • Learning difficulties (Paediatric & Adult)

Olivia finished her A levels and became a nanny for a year before travelling to South Africa where she worked in an orphanage. On her return, she engaged in a support worker role where, eight years on, she still works with the client on a part time basis. Olivia works closely with the client, who has cerebral palsy and an acquired brain injury. Through this role, she has worked collaboratively alongside the client’s family to provide respite and most importantly, she provides support, both emotionally and physically enabling the client to live a happy and independent life.

Olivia also has had experience as a bank support worker for a paediatric client with spinal cord injuries.

Olivia helps co-ordinate Silverlining meetings which is a brain injury charity. Through these meetings, she has met many different brain injury survivors and gained insight into life after serious brain trauma from the perspective of those directly involved. The charity’s work engages brain injured people with the wider community in such a way which invigorates, motivates and rehabilitates to discover a sense of purpose, social structure and added meaning to their lives.

Olivia has completed the Community Case Management Services comprehensive training pathway to include understanding the litigation process and what is required of the case manager.


In her spare time, Olivia enjoys keeping fit by going to her local gym or walking her dog Neville in the countryside. She recently took part in the London to Brighton British Heart Foundation bike ride and helped to raise over £1,000 for the Silverlining Charity.