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Christopher Collings

PG Dip, BA (Hons)

Documentation and Compliance Case Manager<
Based in: Bristol
Clients: Wales and the South and West of England


  • PG Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Philosophy BA (Hons)

Christopher has completed the Community Case Management Services comprehensive training pathway to include understanding the litigation process and what is required of the case manager.


Christopher has worked in case management for almost five years now, assisting clients from a range of backgrounds including both adults and children with a range of needs, primarily as a result of complex brain injury.

  • Acquired brain injury (Adults and Children)
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spinal injury all levels (Adults and Children)
  • Altered body image
  • Severe and or profound disabilities (Adult and Children)
  • Behavioural difficulties (Adults and Children)
  • Concurrent Alcohol and Drug difficulties
  • Mental Health Difficulties

Christopher’s particular area of interest is psychology, and this guides his practice in supporting clients through the rehabilitation process and in identifying the best approaches to take in each case. He has experience of working with clients with a range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, frustration and challenging behaviour, often related to complex injury, and he works with them to identify needs they wish to address, as well as in planning and introducing appropriate therapeutic support. Christopher has strong communication skills and most importantly he enjoys working with people to support them in achieving their aims.

Christopher now also focuses on supporting numerous clients and teams with care documentation, to ensure that support workers have relevant and up to date information to enable them to support their clients as best as possible. This work typically involves assessing the need for and implementing initial documentation, providing on-going support of team leaders and support workers to ensure that they understand how these documents relate to their practice, and training key support team members to maintain this documentation themselves in the longer term.

Prior to working in case management, Christopher worked as a support worker for a client with acquired brain injury and as part of a multidisciplinary team, he implemented cognitive and behavioural management strategies to help the client overcome cognitive impairment and lead a more fulfilling life. Through this role, Christopher gained experience of brain injury rehabilitation from the perspective of those on the ground, directly involved in providing support on a day to day basis, which he found extremely valuable.

Additionally, Christopher spent five years working with children with challenging behaviour and a range of special educational needs such as learning difficulties, speech, hearing and visual impairments and autism. He specifically held a position teaching a changing group of children considered to be the most vulnerable in the school, due to a variety of factors including SEN and child protection cases such as extreme poverty and abusive histories. Christopher implemented psychological theory, such as mindfulness training, and ran regular speech and language, social skills and occupational therapy groups for these children.

Christopher previously volunteered with Headway North London, a brain injury charity, and was involved in facilitating peer support groups. Through these meetings, he gained insights into life after serious brain trauma from the perspective of those directly involved and also of the benefit of intergroup support, particularly with regard to social anxieties relating to brain injury.


Christopher’s passion is psychology and he continues to pursue studies in this field. Aside from work and study, his interests include philosophy, many genres of music, playing guitar and attending gigs, travel, cooking, and playing cricket and squash.