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Sabrina Dodson


Senior Case Manager

Based in: Kent
Clients: in and around the London, South and East Coast areas


  • Adult Registered Nurse having trained in London at St Georges Hospital and St. Helier's Hospital
  • Full member of the Royal College of Nursing
  • NHS Leadership Course * Management of Tracheostomy Care and Airways
  • Assessor for tracheostomy training was completed in January 2016
  • Specific Complex care update training.

Sabrina has had the opportunity to gain experience in most areas of nursing from acute hospital settings to community.

Having gained her Award in Education and Training Qualification in 2017, Sabrina is now delivering the Enhanced Care Certificate Training to carers and support workers who work with our clients at CCMS Ltd. Delivering intense and bespoke training for our specialist clientele ensures our clients are receiving the best possible care we at CCMS Ltd can provide.


Sabrina is experienced in managing the following:

  • Spinal injuries all levels. (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Traumatic Brain injury (Paediatric and Adult) to include Walking Wounded / High Level Physical Functional Difficulties /Cognitive difficulties /Vegetative state / Minimal Awareness.
  • Cerebral Palsy.
  • Respiratory diseases / Mesothelioma / COAD / Pulmonary Embolism /Carcinoma.
  • Tracheostomy / Ventilated clients.
  • Learning disabilities.
  • Elderly care.
  • Orthopaedic Injuries.
  • Complex compartmental syndrome.
  • Amputees.

Sabrina has experience within acute surgical settings, geriatric care, respiratory care and has worked in the area of Complex Care for five years. This was mainly with adults but she has also worked within schools and residential homes for children and young adults aged 4-25yrs. She has worked within the community and home care settings with both adults and children with a range of disabilities and conditions.

Following this, Sabrina spent a time in Accident & Emergency / Urgent Care where she gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience with both adults and children. She was then recruited to set up a Complex Care unit within a nursing home. The type of clients’ needs ranged greatly; some were there on a long-term basis and others were there for respite or rehabilitation.

Sabrina can manage acute illness and post-operative clients all of whom require delivery of skilled nursing care in accordance with policies and procedures and individual care plans / support programmes. Sabrina attained a breadth of knowledge that stood her in good stead to undertake case management responsibilities. Within the home, she was the lead on assessing the Complex Care Residents (age range was 18-100+ years) and would assess their care needs, determining their suitability to such an environment. Creating a costing to be put forward to the panel and directors for acceptance. She was also lead in-house trainer to Registered Nurses and Carers on the management of spinal injury patients. This consisted of moving and handling, bowel management, Tracheostomy care and all other aspects of looking after adults with spinal injuries / Complex Care. She trained staff members on the respective areas and assessed their competencies.

Sabrina regularly undertakes initial assessments, care planning, and risk assessing on an individual basis. She has demonstrated that she can prioritise needs and oversee the implementation of the clients’ care plans and prescribes therapies providing a holistic support programme. She enjoys working with clients and their families at a face-to-face level, supporting family members with the vast number of issues that arise following any type of catastrophic complex event.

Having successfully assisted in setting up a new, pro-active pilot scheme in the community as a Case Co-Ordinator, Sabrina would triage all cases coming into the team and would assess them in order of need and delegate to the most suitable discipline when discussing the case within the Multi-Disciplinary reviews whilst managing a case load of her own.

Sabrina can work autonomously but is also skilled at managing a multi-disciplinary team providing community based rehabilitation programmes who are expected to work from a goal-based platform with regular reviews and measurable outcomes.

Sabrina has a commitment to the regular attendance of relevant seminars and conferences, which are held regularly by Community Case Management Services Ltd and others to maintain and update her expertise. She undertakes regular review and appraisals with the Directors of Community Case Management Services Ltd.


Sabrina is a mother of three very different children of differing abilities. Her middle child has health issues and additional educational needs that the family are supportive of and in tune with. They work together as a family to try and help each child achieve their full potential.

Sabrina has an interest in nutrition and the impact of allergies on our health, hence why she is always in the kitchen creating dishes with hidden benefits such as beetroot cake or chocolate courgette cake!

Sabrina has always combined working with raising her family and is very aware of the stresses and challenges of family life. As such she relishes working with families.