Samantha Clayton

BABICM Registered Practitioner Case Manager


Greater Manchester / Lancashire

Areas Covered:

North West


Behavioural & Learning Difficulty
Palliative Care


  • Registered General Nurse
  • Medico Legal Expert Witness Training
  • Assessing Mental Capacity in Adults and applying legislation to practice
  • Safeguarding Adults at risk of Abuse
  • Assessing Mental Capacity in relation to Sexual Health in Brain Injury Adults
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council Pin: 12F1283E
  • Royal college of Nursing Number:  3733341
  • Registered with theInformation Commissioners Office
  • BABICM Membership
  • IRCM Membership
  • The Tissue Viability Society


Samantha is a Registered General Nurse with 30 Years experience in emergency medicine including intensive care. She has a multitude of experience in treating acquired brain injuries and catastrophic injuries post-accident. Samantha believes that this allows her to gain a relationship with the clients and families as she can empathise with them during the assessment period as they are reliving the incident.

For the past 5 years, Samantha has been a Case Manager and has developed into a well-respected professional that has managed challenging cases with excellent results. She works with paediatric and adult clients with a mixed level of brain injuries. She has cases that she has been requested to carry out the initial assessment personally by the litigation solicitor due to her impartial, thorough and accurate reports. Samantha will then build the case from the beginning, instructing all therapists, recruiting a care team, managing the budget, all whilst keeping accurate and precise records ready to complete a report for court if the case is a litigation case.

Samantha is passionate about person centred care and putting the client at the forefront of everything she does. With this in mind, she will personally screen all treating therapists prior to appointment and make sure they are individually chosen on how they can meet the specific client individual needs. Samantha has high expectations of herself and any professionals that she appoints to treat her clients, she completes exceptional documentation including monthly reports and goal setting. Samantha also expects these in return from any treating therapists, to be able to plan, manage and evaluate the individualised support plan. She can also complete costings of care, treatment and any services that are required either for a six- or twelve-month period this would include all case management costs.

Samantha has a special interest in acquired brain injuries and assessing mental capacity for someone with a brain injury. Samantha has completed the training to allow her to complete this, also something that happens and is not thought of often, assessing mental capacity for sexual relations with a brain injury.

Samantha has further experience in the following areas:

  • Catheter Care
  • Stoma Care
  • Trauma / Broken Bones
  • Tracheostomy / Ventilation
  • Dementia Care
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Tissue Viability
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Drug / Alcohol Addiction
  • Palliative Care

Samantha has completed Medico Legal Training which has provided her with a high level of knowledge in the litigation process. This enables her to have a level of understanding of how the process effects the client and family, being able to assess with empathy.

Samantha continues to keep her knowledge up to date through joining different forums and webinars, furthermore Samantha is keen in continuing to develop her knowledge through education and is consistently completing courses to enable her to carry out and share the latest evidenced based practice/information. Samantha is part of multiple Brain injury forums that assist in her daily role, she uses these to gather information for clients and is able to signpost both clients and professionals to the relevant services.


Samantha lives in a very small village in Lancashire with her husband and daughter. She went into nursing when she cared for her grandma who passed away on her 16th birthday of cancer and dementia. Samantha looked after her and knew then that she wanted to look after people.

Samantha has 3 grandchildren that she enjoys spending time with on her days off, she enjoys going to football and watching Formula 1.

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