Gemma Eves From Neuromassage

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Neuro Massage is a neurologically specialised massage service with deep knowledge and experience treating people with neurological injuries and conditions. The at-home service provides many benefits helping patients thrive.

As a neuro massage is explicitly designed to help people with neurological conditions and injuries, the massage for every person is different. Some may require deep pressure, while others, who are sensitive to touch, may require long, gentle strokes.

It is not a treatment for Neurological conditions, physiotherapy is still necessary for rehab. Neuro Massage therapists work in close collaboration with the treating neuro physiotherapist and other professionals.

One of the best things about Neuro massage therapy is that it helps release stress from both the muscles and the mind.  This stress and anxiety management that a massage provides helps to lower cortisol levels- the stress hormone, whilst simultaneously increasing serotonin levels- the happy hormone.

The many other benefits of Neuro Massage for clients with neurological injuries and conditions include:

  • Improved results from neuro physiotherapy sessions and aiding the physiotherapists with their sessions.
  • Pain reduction and pain management
  • Increased blood and lymphatic flow. With the improved circulation, muscle health is tremendously enriched. It facilitates muscle flexibility, so when possible, the patient may slowly regain mobility in the sore muscles and joints.

The improved blood circulation also helps with reducing muscle spasms as the body retrieves its ability to exchange blood and oxygen throughout the system. A targeted massage also aids with digestion.

  • Improves cognitive function and helps to improve cognitive fatigue.
  • Massage has been shown to help improve people's quality of sleep and aid rest, sleep being a key component to recovery. This is true for all people, not only those with neurological conditions. The much-needed rest provided after a neuro massage session can also allow the body some time to recoup from the inside.

There are many studies which show the importance of touch on a person's general well-being. This being more evident during the covid 19 pandemic, where lack of human contact and touch were missed. Touch not only works on a cellular level as mentioned above, it has a huge impact on a person’s overall disposition.

Most patients look forward to their neuro massage session as they are devoid of pain for a few hours, even a couple of days, after the massage session. And as we know, a massage makes us all feel good, and when we feel good, we are happier.

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