“Kate, in my view, you are a case manager and court expert of the highest level and quite frankly to give the example of the X case, the comparison of how your work compared to that of our opponent care expert was plain for everyone to see. Your knowledge, recognition and understanding of brain injury is second to none and I believe that anyone who has you as their case manager is an exceptionally lucky person.”


" Many congratulations on a very well deserved award. You are both amazing, proud to be working for you."


"My team have worked with a large number of case managers over the years and in my experience X is up there as one of the best. I am very pleased to endorse X as a very caring, professional and knowledgeable case manager which I have no hesitation in recommending."


"It has been an extraordinary experience to take our first flight with X and enjoy a long holiday weekend with our family. Without your help this would have been impossible, and although we know you consider all this being your job and responsibility, we truly appreciate that you went far beyond the expected support and allowed us to get it all organised on time. We want to thank you for your outstanding help."

CS & M

“Thank you so much for the time you gave me today. I was most impressed by all that has been achieved on X’s behalf and I congratulate you and the whole team. It was a pleasure to see X looking so relaxed and to hear of the successful efforts which you have all put into giving her a new home and so evidently improving her quality of life………………What a wonderful change of surroundings, approach and atmosphere! And X looked so well and happy. Congratulations to all concerned. Kindest regards"


"I just wanted to say how greatly I appreciate having had the benefit for my client of your professionalism and expertise".


"The conference day was full and interesting. The organisation from our perspective was excellent, even though, behind the scenes, it could have been a disaster. As you explained, the result demonstrates the importance of high quality case management! The topics were all important. It was an education which demonstrated that life can and should continue after a disaster. Everyone learned a lot, including your fellow professionals. You had a very good attendance. Well done! You should continue to bring your message to everyone; it is most important."


"I would just like to provide some feedback in relation to the case management services by X. Her clinical expertise and cheery manner have been invaluable in successfully dealing with the matter. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the professional way she has dealt with all the difficulties that have been presented in this case."


greater understanding of your role and duties. Everyone was so welcoming, kind, friendly and endearing which helped my journey a lot. Many of you took the time to explain and teach me about what was involved in becoming a CM with CCMS and what you have achieved is a massive credit to all involved. Again, thank you all so much."


"Dear All, Thank you all for keeping us updated and informed – you are an amazing team too, your dedication and support as always is very much appreciated. Kind regards"

"Many thanks for your email. I appreciate that X has already responded but I just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you yesterday and also to thank you for all your help. It was so useful to have you there with your brilliant agenda! We achieved far more yesterday in an hour than I could have hoped for. I now feel far more confident that with your help we can get sorted everything that needs doing house wise, and indeed for X and X. X is utterly adorable!!"


“Kate, we have worked together on cases for nearly ten years. I have always been impressed by the thoroughness and cogency of your reports. It seems to me that you have always sought to illustrate the difficulties each individual client faces in a way that makes it easy for the Court to understand why you may be recommending a particular package or regime of care and support. As you know, demonstrating that in a pragmatic rather than a theoretical way is essential for the Court, which has to rely on your expertise in assessing the extent of a Claimant’s needs and then costing the same. We worked on a case where you had to establish and monitor the support package and case management package for a client in Poland (Mr M) and I was impressed to see how you managed to do that so successfully.”


"Thank you for being an absolute pleasure to work with- it’s great to work with someone who is so passionate, supportive, efficient and who really genuinely cares."


"Congratulations. absolutely deserve all the recognition."

Hazell Lynch

" I am immensely proud and honoured to be a part of this amazing organisation; who work so hard to enrich & empower the lives of those that we have the privilege to work with."


"May I also take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed working with your company to help support one of your client."


“Maggie ... amazing and credit to you, your team and all your clients. I was quite touched when watching this [YouTube video]. Just shows what you can achieve with the right support and attitude in place. Fantastic.”

Jane Burns

"Dear xxx I wanted to write to thank you for your ongoing help and support with this matter for the past few years. On many occasions you have gone above and beyond the usual requirements of a Case Manager and I know that xxx would most definitely had struggled without your constant support and assistance. This was at times a very challenging matter for everyone involved and your professionalism and guidance throughout was most appreciated. I would be happy to recommend you to colleagues and other clients."


"Dear xxx, thank you so much for all you're doing for us all. I know we took a lot of your time up today. You are fully aware of xxx's problems, behavioural and psychological, and believe that xxx is treated with respect and allowed to live the sort of life any of us would want. The benefits for her and her girls will be so rewarding. Thank you so much."


"May I also take this opportunity to thank you and CCMS for all of the support and assistance that you have all provided, not only to xxxx and their family, but also to me and my firm which has served to ensure that xxxx is to receive sufficient compensation to meet their future needs."


"CCMS has earned a reputation for being one of the country's leading Case Management Practices. As for litigation expertise, they are top of the tree. As a practice, we only deal with catastrophic injury cases. Our clients need the best experts available and we insist upon it. Maggie and Kate will always form part of our "dream team". Good case management entails knowledge, experience, determination and diplomacy. CCMS ticks every box."


“Kate, once again, thank you so much for joining the conference by phone, it was a real pleasure having you there. M cannot recall having worked on a case with you before and was so very impressed by you – I advised him that you have never failed to impress me on a case yet.”

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