Summer Highs

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As summer winds down and we head into Autumn, we’re looking back on some of the many highs we’ve had in the last few months. 

Ensuring our clients live full, and fulfilling, lives is of the utmost importance in all that we do so to see, through their achievements, the progress of each client as well as the commitment of each carer is what it’s all about. 

We’ve put together a few of our favourite memories from this summer because Life Is For Living!

Two adaptive surfing trips to Devon.

On the back of last year’s successful surfing adventures, in collaboration with Accessible Dreams and The Wave Project - and thanks to Cerebra’s specially made seated boards - we took two groups of clients and their support workers to Devon for a week of surfing and it was SO much fun! Everyone in the support teams were fantastic and the clients had an absolute blast.

Accessible Dreams never fail to live up to their motto “Looking beyond disability to make dreams come true” whilst The Wave Project continues to provide incredible opportunities for both therapy and adaptive surfing. It’s a pleasure to work alongside companies that also believe Life Is For Living - no matter what your abilities.

Next, our tea party for the Oxford Group of the Silver Lining Charity

Maggie Sargent, CCMS Co-Director, founded the Oxford Group of the Silver Lining Charity many years ago and, together with Nicola Cale and Olivia Whiteside, hosted a great bunch of Oxford and West Midlands based Silver Liners at her home in Warwickshire.

Maggie founded the Oxford Group as a way of providing social opportunities for her CCMS clients, many of whom she has known for over 20 years, since they were initially hospitalised for their injuries and it was incredible to see how these friendships have developed. 

Aside from tea and cake, the Silver Liners enjoyed activities like tie dying & croquet whilst catching up and connecting with fellow members in the sunshine, adding serotonin and Vitamin D to an already great day.

Now for some L Shaped Inspiration

L is an amazing 15 year old who, since her injury, has taken her life on wheels to great heights, herewith just a few of her recent milestones and awards;

  1. L’s wheelchair basketball team came 4th in Elite 8 games earlier this year. 
  2. L has become a under 18 youth leader for Back Up.
  3. She has been picked for the school games representing England; who have 3 girls teams and 3 boys teams. 
  4. She will play in Lord Taverners Regional wheelchair basketball games 
  5. L has also been a sports ambassador for her school, helping out at the local primary that her little sister attends with their week of sports too.
  6. Last but certainly not least, she was awarded junior player of the season.

What an inspiration for us all.

Plus our Client’s Sporting Adventures

Special client  Johnny broke many boundaries while visiting the Upton Aqua Park in Bromsgrove this summer. Not only do day activities like this provide fun and excitement but they also offer unique opportunities for therapy; testing boundaries and building trust. We were so proud of how eager and brave Johnny was.

CANoeing! It’s always exciting to see clients trying new things so when, during possibly the hottest day of the summer, one of our clients and her support worker took to the water we were so pleased with not just the undertaking of a new challenge but also how much fun was had ensuring it won’t be a new thing for long.

Now for our RockStars! The brilliant team at RockStar Climbing in Swindon hosted a group of our clients as they bravely took on the climbing wall, breaking boundaries one foot hold at a time!

James half marathon:

Although technically a “sporting adventure” like those above, we feel this one deserves its own section as brave and generous James takes on yet another challenge for charity.

A brain injury caused by a road accident left James visually impaired at the age of 19 however he has never let that stop him and these days can be found training for Dorney Lakes Half Marathon in support of Guide Dogs.

A quote from James’ Just Giving page, in his own words:

“ I have a passion for helping people.  

I have completed various fundraising challenges before this one including long walks in the Camino's, an Olympic distance triathlon, 97 mile long West Highland Way and The Pennine Way which was 267 miles long.  I will do this with the support of 2 of my team members.

I am looking forward to this new running challenge and plan to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.”

We’re with you all the way James! To donate, no amount is too small, just click on the link below:

Equine Therapy 

Developing emotional regulation, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility can be boosted with the incorporation of Equine-Assisted Therapy. 

Through exercises like grooming, feeding and walking the horses, our clients get to engage with the animals, and stable staff, whilst breaking boundaries within their rehabilitation process.

Pictured below are (1) Martin, (2) Heidi, together with Smarts 🐴 

Creative Projects: 

A chest of drawers reimagined! 

Hamish and Heidi are among those clients that just love all things creative. So, with the help of Rob - a long standing member of the CCMS team - they began this brilliant project in September last year. Over the months since they have transformed an ordinary chest of drawers into something with texture, new handles and a fresh lease on life.

The creativity and joy that went into the making and completing of this project was exciting for all involved. Herewith a video of the full, lovely story. Thanks to everyone involved and well done, Heidi and Hamish!

Freedom of expression is therapeutic in so many ways and making art and being creative is an important part in many of our client’s journeys.

For all the years we’ve known our lovely Lucy - and there have been many - she has always been excited by, and excelled at, creative projects as seen here in the process of painting a colourful array of summer canvases. 🌈

In the words of Neil Gaiman, “The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before”.

It’s been a wonderful summer and through it all, our clients continue to inspire us with their tenacity and resilience while our case managers have continued to excel in supporting their clients to achieve new milestones. 

We are so proud of the whole team. Here’s to the rest of 2022.

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