Stephen was brain injured at birth and has now worked with his current Case Manager for three years. The Case Manager has supported the client and his family during a time of transition from college into the community. With limited community resources, the Case Manager has worked closely with the family to understand their hopes for their son and his aspirations.

A dedicated team of specialist support workers have been recruited to enable the client to engage in a community-based rehabilitation programme. The impact of the team’s input has resulted in the client engaging in a range of social and leisure activities that had previously been considered not possible for him.

Initially the client was supported from within his family home; however it quickly became apparent that a ‘half way’ home would enable this young man to better develop the skills required to enable him to live as independently as possible.

A house has now been purchased that is currently used as a ‘home base’; from this house, with the support of his Personal Assistants he cooks, shops, cleans and has an active social life. He and his family are now considering a future which will not be dependent on his parents having to provide constant care.

In three years this client has moved from a child, almost totally dependent on his parents and those around him, to a young adult supported to live a life in the community as independently as possible – recently his parents said ‘his life has been transformed’ and his journey is far from finished.

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