Dr Dimitrios Sampanis

Clinical Director, Home Rehab Therapists Ltd
Conference topic:
Hitting the Milestones

Dr Dimitrios Sampanis graduated from the University of Athens, School of Physiotherapy with distinction in 2004. He became Head of Physiotherapy in a private neurorehabilitation unit in the south east as a highly specialist neuro physiotherapist prior to working with private clients and taking up case management and expert witness work.

Dr Sampanis works with clients with moderate to severe neurological disability and maintains his specialist skills by working in intensive care and neurosurgery units across London. He has been actively involved and led the creation of care pathways for stroke and spinal cord injury patients as well as for amputees.

Throughout his professional career, Dr Sampanis has been actively involved in interdisciplinary units and he has a deep understanding of the importance of different members of the rehabilitation team, and how vital it is that they are able to communicate effectively. Dr Sampanis is highly specialised in the construction of rehabilitation programmes for his clients under an interdisciplinary approach for a different setting of clients. He will complete a holistic assessment of the client’s needs and personally manage their rehabilitation journey, by setting realistic, effective and time specific goals that will be measurable and make a positive change on his client’s quality of life.

Dr Sampanis has a keen interest in stroke rehabilitation and especially gait and upper limb rehabilitation, which was part of his PhD research.

Before he returned to clinical practice, he also managed to successfully finish a postdoctoral research project at the prestigious Oxford University, which reveals his passion for research and cutting-edge technology. He currently serves as director of the Physiotherapy Programme at St Mary’s University, supervising and managing the programme.

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