Jill Wigmore-Welsh

FRSPH Chartered Physiotherapist Senior Case Manager & Vocational Rehabilitation Manager



Areas Covered:



Brain Injury
Vocational Health
Pain Management
Respiratory Diseases


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  • Admitted to the Register Chartered Society Physiotherapy-1977
  • Member of the: CSP, HCPC, WCPT
  • MSc Health Promotion Brunel University, 2001
  • Fellow of The Royal Society Public Health
  • Trained prescriber Bioness (upper and lower limbs) & Saebo
  • Certified in Graded Motor Imagery
  • Certified in BPPV & Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Feldenkrais Method Teacher, Bones for Life Trainer
  • Otago Exercise Program Leader
  • Accredited Coach & Hypnotherapist
  • Trained in CBTi for insomnia, Clean Language, MI, MECC, ComB,
  • Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP
  • Laughter Yoga Teacher


Jill is an advanced practice physiotherapist, coach, and hypnotherapist, specialising in trauma-informed neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation. She has four decades of experience in rehabilitation working with diverse clients across NHS and private hospitals, clinics, and occupational health settings. Her impressive career includes over 20-years tenure as the physiotherapist for British Judo, Rowing, and Development Diving teams.

Jill has a proven track record of achieving successful recovery outcomes by tailoring evidence-supported rehabilitation to the changing circumstances of her client. She approaches this work with compassion, acknowledging and understanding the clients emotional and physical challenges, as well as their needs and desired outcomes.

Jill has 15 years of experience in providing legal services and case management, with a strong focus on assessing and managing clients who have:


  • Traumatic Brain Injury (mild to moderate) Adults
  • Amputees (upper and lower limb)
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Complex Orthopaedic Injuries
  • Neurological Conditions: Cauda Equina Syndrome, BrachialPlexus Injury
  • Psychological Trauma
  • Burns, Scarring
  • Post Viral Conditions, Chronic Health Conditions, Breathing Pattern Disorders

Jill excels at building quick rapport and putting clients at ease. She has a strong passion for science and research, diving into intricate details. Jill specialises in conducting comprehensive person-centred assessments to identify a client's potential and determine the best-fit recovery interventions. This expertise significantly impacts the client's recovery by enhancing the rehabilitation plan.  

She possesses a strong understanding of medical terminology, various injury types, and the roles within a multi-disciplinary team. She also comprehends the complexities of the legal processes; both are essential for coordinating care and understanding the medical and legal aspects of a case. Her remarkable skills in identifying and resolving issues that may arise during a case, along with her talent for organisation and practical problem-solving, stand out.

Jill, an experienced and adaptable professional, ensures personalised case management for each client. Her approach involves an organised, sustained process that encompasses planning, facilitating, advocating, evaluating, and recording outcomes for cost-effectiveness. This guarantees that clients receive the right care from providers at the right time.  

She frequently assists clients in their return to work or meaningful activities, offering vocational rehabilitation management. Jill has experience in sourcing and facilitating appropriate volunteer roles, conducting functional capacity evaluations(Saunders Method), and collaborating with employers to ensure a successful return to education, work, or career redirection in numerous cases.

Jill works with both adults and children, and she embraces neurodivergent traits, as she herself has dyslexia and ADHD, and her children have required learning support. She frequently works on cases involving clients with learning difficulties, complex family situations, diverse cultural backgrounds, and those for whom English is a second language.


Jill enjoys a wide range of activities. She relishes socialising with friends, watching movies, taking leisurely strolls with her dogs, competing in the sport of Lawn Bowls, cultivating trees, and values her alone time for creating in mixed media, meditation, and practising Feldenkrais.

She takes genuine delight in collaborating with individuals and finds great satisfaction in the knowledge that her efforts have led to meaningful enhancements in the quality of someone's life.

Jill also holds the role of People and Wellbeing Lead at Ethical Reading, asocial enterprise committed to fostering a more ethical community in Reading.

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