Sara Lensh

BABICM Registered Practitioner Case Manager


West London

Areas Covered:



Respiratory Diseases
Spinal Injury
Brain Injury
Cerebral Palsy
Behavioural & Learning Difficulty
Palliative Care


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  • Registered General Nurse
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council

Sara has completed the Community Case Management Services Pathway which has provided her with a high level of understanding of the role of the case manager and the litigation process as well as its impact on clients and their families.

Sara has the skills and knowledge to provide effective case management to a broad range of clients. She has an in depth understanding of the role of a case manager and experience working closely with associated rehabilitation therapists and other relevant professionals. Sara also has experience of working with Special Needs Education Services, planning housing adaptations, and recruitment and development of support teams.

Sara is able to produce detailed monthly case management updates with goal centred action plans for each client. She will work closely with appointed treating therapists to ensure they are screened prior to being appointed and to ensure they are fully conversant with expectations of their role. Once appointed Sara will continue to liaise with therapists and work collaboratively in the setting of goals, progress reviews and to promote the effective use of client funds.


Sara is a Registered General Nurse with forty years’ experience working across a diverse range of health care environments including Acute Medical Care, Clinical Triage, Disability Analyst, Survey Nurse, Expert Witness, and teaching roles and most recently managing complex care needs in the community. Prior to returning to nursing, she had practised as a Senior Midwife for 15 years. 

Sara has a wealth of experience in:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Support plan development
  • Collaboration with associated specialists
  • Report writing

Most recent roles have centred on managing complex care in the community which has provided Sara with a broad range of experience in the following areas:

  • Enteral feeding including gastrostomy and jejunostomy care.
  • Respiratory care including tracheostomy, ventilation, and oxygen requirements
  • Complex Epilepsy management including the use of emergency mediation for seizure control
  • Spinal Injury – all levels
  • Traumatic Brain injury - high level physical functional difficulties, cognitive and behavioural difficulties
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Learning disabilities  
  • Elderly care to include Dementia
  • Palliative Care
  • Training & development of support staff for the above responsibilities

For the past three years Sara has worked as Clinical Lead for Complex Care. The focus of her role was to implement the provision of complex care for the company, and she was recruited specifically for that goal. The company has been working predominantly with young adults who are moving from children’s/young people services to independent living and recognised the need to be able to meet a broader and higher level of care needs.

Sara has successfully supported the wider operational team to develop complex care plans and services within the company. Support is now offered to clients with a range of complex needs. Goals setting and detailed support plan design is provided in conjunction with input from a range of HCPs including SALT, physiotherapists, OT, and the mental health team.  Sara also has past experience as an Expert Witness carrying out extensive care needs assessments for the purpose of producing litigation quantum reports.

Sara is committed to her own personal development and regularly attends training and development opportunities to ensure she maintains good practice and maintains her requirements of NMC continued Nurse registration.


Throughout her early life and until she started her nursing career Sara travelled extensively. Sara has lived around the world including Australia, South America, Southern Africa, and the Middle East. Whilst this was largely due to her father’s occupation she did work, where possible doing voluntary work for aid programs such, Oxfam and taught English.  Before commencing Nursing Sara took up a post in the USA supporting a family with two children with special needs in her role as au pair.

Sara has had many roles outside her career in Nursing and Midwifery such as working as an assistant tennis coach to a children’s tennis club, secretary/treasurer to a local playgroup and as co-founder of an after school club for children and teenagers in a rural community.

Sara has personal experience of recruitment and care planning for long term complex needs having managed this on behalf of both her parents through changes in their health and ultimately EOL care.

Sara lives in West London and continues to enjoy spending time with her four children, now all adults.

Having developed a love of cooking, particularly Middle Eastern and African cuisine. Sara hopes to find time to take a formal cookery class to develop these skills to a higher level.

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